FonFix4U Mobile Repair Tip – Is Your Smartphone Secure?


Smartphones have now become the most common tech gadgets in the world and almost everyone in the developed countries have this device. It is very difficult for any individual to protect the device from any damage or stealing. The general experience is that most of the people around us have the smartphones but with some damaged part. It can be a screen, backside, touch or any internal issue. It is due to the fact that people use the device with carelessness.

The surveys related to damage smartphones show us an amazing picture. One of the surveys, which was conducted very recently in Australia, tells us that more than 56% people have the damaged or faulty smartphones. This survey was conducted by Otterbox which is a smartphone case seller and almost 1,000 people took part in the survey.

Although, smartphone cases are one of the best ways for protecting smartphones and Otterbox did this survey for telling the people to use these cases, there are many other things as well, which can be harmful for smartphone and every user should try to handle the device with care.

When we talk about the surveys made by mobile repair companies, they claim that this percentage increases when we talk about older smartphones. The problems which can be generated with the passage of time are battery, software, voice and screen related issues. Most of the people have small problems in which scratches on the screen and backside are very common and can be ignored.

When we go into the deep related to smartphone issues, we can see some interesting facts. The survey of Otterbox also gives another amazing figure in which it says that more than 80% people damage their phones in the first year. It means that most of the people use their smartphones casually due to which these devices are damaged at the hands of most of the people.

Another major problem related to smartphone is the moisture, which comes into the smartphone as may people drop their devices accidently in water or any other liquid. One of the very best and cheapest tip for removing moisture from the phone is to dip it into the bag of rice. Rice has the quality to suck or absorb all the moisture from anything so if you are placing the submerged phone into rice and waiting for a week, we assure you that your phone will come out without moisture and you can use it now.

Another major issue related to smartphone is the damaged screen. Mostly, people drop their smartphones drop from a height and in some cases, they give the phone to their children who throw the smartphone as a playful activity. The mobile repairing companies like us have built up their separate sections for LCDs and LEDs repairing as these companies also know that this problem is going to be persistent due to the casual thinking of the mobile phone users.

The smartphone manufacturers also know about the person’s behavior so they are preparing such smartphones now which can absorb moisture. Sony Xperia Z2 and Samsung Galaxy S5 are the real examples of such smartphones. The smartphones with scratch proof front are also getting popularity among the people, but the reality is that the problems with these devices will continue for a long period.

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